• Alaska Permaculture Guild to host state’s first permaculture design certification course

The Alaska Permaculture Guild will host Alaska’s first permaculture design certification course on Aug. 9-22, at the Ageya Wilderness School in Homer.

This complete, 72-hour course (two weeks) lays the foundation for understanding and using natural principles to design abundant, sustainable systems that provide for basic human needs of healthy foods, housing, energy and meaningful work and relationships, while also contributing to the regeneration of the earth.

For those not familiar with permaculture, it is a holistic design system used in more than 140 countries. According to the Alaska Permaculture Community site, permaculture is a holistic design process, using ecology as a basis for designing integrated systems: food production, community, economics, housing, with an embued ethic of caring for the earth, caring for people and sharing the surplus. That’s asking us to limit our consumption and design for abundance and then share that abundance with each other.

This course will cover all aspects of permaculture, including:

  • design processes and methodologies and tools
  • water storage, flow, and runoff
  • soil fertility, food web, testing, improvements
  • tree crops, agro-foresty, and forest gardens
  • integrating animals from intensive grazing to micro livestock
  • urban permaculture, ecology, village design
  • natural building, energy systems
  • economics, alternative currency and bartering systems.

This course includes a design practicum, where participants will work in groups to create designs using what they are learning. There will be many hands-on activities and local field trips so you can see theory in action. Optional evening workshops are offered with Alaskans experienced in applying permaculture in our challenging climate. There will be one day off in the middle of the course.

There is a long list of people who should consider taking this course, which includes homeowners and renters, planners and managers, government employees, building design and construction professionals, landscape architects, designers, gardeners, social workers, non-profit and community leaders, entrepreneurs, and students and educators.

Click here to find an application and fee schedule for the course, and to register. There are camping and heated yurt accommodations available for the course. Successful completion of this course will allow the participants to earn a Certificate in Permaculture Design, allowing them to use permaculture in their line of work.