• St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm hosts Saturday and Wednesday work parties throughout the summer

St. Peter's Fellowship Farm sign

St. Peter's Fellowship Farm sign

There will be St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm work parties from 4:30-6 p.m. every Wednesday afternoon and from 3-5 p.m. every Saturday afternoon throughout the summer (when there aren’t Sitka Farmers Markets scheduled).

While most of the garden has been planted and veggies are growing, there is a lot of maintenance work needed to keep the gardens working at full capacity. Tasks include watering the plants (when needed), weeding, thinning out some crops so the remaining ones have more room to grow, and even making some early harvests of food and replanting some of the faster-growing veggies. Even though it was raining heavily on Saturday, June 26, a crew of 4-5 people showed up to do a few chores.

Food grown at the St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm communal garden is sold at the Sitka Farmers Markets. This summer the Sitka Farmers Markets take place on five alternate Saturdays starting on July 17 and running through Sept. 11. The St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm communal garden is located by the See House behind St. Peter’s By The Sea Episcopal Church on Lincoln Street.

For more information on the work parties, contact Lisa Sadleir-Hart at 747-5985 or 3akharts@acsalaska.net, or contact Doug Osborne at 747-3752 or doug_las@live.com.