• It’s time to … plant your cold frames class/open discussion on Sunday, April 6


Doug Osborne prepares a cold frame for spring planting during a 2012 work party at St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm.

The Sitka Local Foods Network reminds you that it’s time to get out in the garden and plant your cold frames. Michelle Putz will present a free, short, on-the-ground cold frame planting class and open discussion at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 6. A cold frame is like a miniature greenhouse, usually a raised garden bed with a glass or fiberglass cover that helps warm the plants to extend the growing season.

Due to limited space, those interested in participating in this class need to pre-register by calling Michelle Putz at 747-2708. They will be told the event’s location when they call.

The Sitka Local Foods Network will be hosting a series of “It’s time to …” workshops this spring and summer designed to help local residents with various aspects of vegetable gardening and fruit growing. Many of these classes will be informal get-togethers at various gardens around town.

In addition, don’t forget the Sitka Local Foods Network education committee will meet from 5:30-7 p.m. on Monday, April 7, at Harrigan Centennial Hall to discuss future workshops and classes for the upcoming spring and summer.

We are still looking to expand our network of local volunteers who can teach classes (formal and informal) this year about growing food, so please attend if you’re interested. If you can’t attend, please email Charles Bingham at charleswbingham3@gmail.com with info about what topics you can teach, your gardening experience, and contact information so we can add you to our database of instructors.

(Editor’s note: A series of photos from the class is posted below, as are two handouts about cold frames from the Purdue and Cornell Cooperative Extension Service programs.)

• Hot Beds And Cold Frames handout from the Purdue Cooperative Extension program

• Hot Beds and Cold Frames handout from the Cornell Cooperative Extension Service

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