• Support the Sitka Local Foods Network when you shop using the AmazonSmile program


At the Sitka Local Foods Network, we encourage Sitka residents to shop from local businesses first. But when you live in rural Alaska you sometimes can’t find what you need in town, so many people end up shopping online. Now you can support your Sitka Local Foods Network every time you shop using the AmazonSmile program.

lookforamazonsmileLaunched in October, the AmazonSmile program allows shoppers to pick a charity of their choice to receive a small portion (0.5 percent) of every eligible purchase they make in the program. Even though the shared percentage is small, the way people in rural Alaska shop online it quickly can add up to significant support for local foods in Sitka. Nearly all purchases qualify for AmazonSmile (except for some digital products), and all you have to do is look for the eligibility logo by each item (see logo in upper right corner of this paragraph).

Shopping using the AmazonSmile program is simple, just type “smile.amazon.com” into your browser’s address bar instead of the usual “www.amazon.com.” When you get to the page, you will be asked to select your favorite charity, so make sure to type “Sitka Local Foods Network” into the search bar. There are thousands of large national, state, and local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the program, so make sure your page says “Supporting Sitka Local Foods Network” next to the AmazonSmile logo in the top left corner.

The only drawback to AmazonSmile is remembering to type smile.amazon.com
when you shop instead of the usual amazon.com. Luckily, both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers have extension programs to help take you directly to AmazonSmile:

These browser extension programs simply redirect you to smile.amazon.com when you forget and just type amazon.com (or click a link or use a bookmark).

So don’t forget to shop with local businesses in Sitka first. But if you can’t find what you need in town and decide to shop online, please use the AmazonSmile program and support your Sitka Local Foods Network.