• City and Borough of Sitka issues resolution in support of school meal bills

During its Feb. 14 meeting, the City and Borough of Sitka Assembly passed a resolution in support of SB 3/HB 132, which are bills in the Alaska Legislature that provide funding for school meal programs. The resolution was signed by Mayor Cheryl Westover.

The resolution recognizes that good nutrition is a major requirement of the education process, and many children can’t afford enough food or healthy food. When students don’t have enough food or eat the wrong foods, then they aren’t ready to learn. The resolution was part of a statewide effort by several groups to get movement on the bills. (Anchorage Daily News story)

Of the two bills mentioned in the resolution, SB 3 passed the Senate last year by a near unanimous vote (17 for, 0 against, 3 absent). Unfortunately, the bill has been buried in the House Finance Committee. Two men (Nick Moe in Anchorage and Kokayi Nosakhere in Juneau) started hunger strikes in support of the bill, but both have given up after significant weight loss because the committee chairman Rep. William Stoltze refuses to hold any hearings on the bill. (Anchorage Daily News story)

• Resolution 2012-03 supporting the passage of bills in the Alaska Legislature for funding of school meal programs