• Two garden columns of interest in the Anchorage Daily News

Thursday’s issue of the Anchorage Daily News featured two garden columns of interest for people interested in local foods in Sitka. While written for the Anchorage audience, a lot of the information can be used here in Sitka.

Click here to read the garden column by Jeff Lowenfels, which discusses the importance of making a photo record of your garden so you can plan for future years. Lowenfels is a member of the Garden Writers Association Hall of Fame.

Click here to read Anchorage Daily News photographer Fran Durner’s “Talk Dirt To Me” blog post about a family in Clam Gulch (on the south end of the Kenai Peninsula) that lives off the grid but still has three greenhouses full of heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers and other vegetables. There are lots of great photos guaranteed to make you hungry.

• Gardening column reminds us time to harvest food is now

Anchorage Daily News garden columnist Jeff Lowenfels, a member of the Garden Writers Association Hall of Fame, in his column on Wednesday reminded us that the time to begin harvesting our vegetable gardens starts now. We don’t want to let any food go to waste on the ground. If we don’t want the food, there are others who do.

In his column, Lowenfels tells us which plants to harvest and how to do it, with special tips for broccoli, Kohlrabi, cauliflower, carrots and others. While geared toward the Anchorage audience, the column is worth a read for Sitka gardeners.

On a side note, Lowenfels is the garden columnist who first suggested the “Plant a Row for the Hungry” campaign, which encourages gardeners to plant an extra row or two of food that will be donated to local homeless shelters or food banks. He raised the idea in his column as a way to help out Bean’s Cafe, an Anchorage soup kitchen, and the Garden Writers Association liked the idea so well that they made it a national effort.

Click here to read the Anchorage Daily News gardening column by Jeff Lowenfels about the time to harvest is now

Click here to learn about the Garden Writers Association’s “Plant a Row for the Hungry” campaign