• ‘Encounters with Richard Nelson’ radio show features episodes on venison and salmon

For the past four years, Sitka resident Richard Nelson has hosted a radio show called “Encounters,” which airs on KCAW-Raven Radio and other public radio stations around the state.

His Nov. 23 show was about venison. The show’s description — “Look over the shoulder of host Richard Nelson as he butchers a freshly killed deer. He tells stories of his learning to hunt from his Inupiaq teachers and we learn how knowing more about the food we eat can make us feel closer to the environment.”

His Aug. 10 show was about salmon. The show’s description — “Instead of heading uptown, head upstream this week with Richard Nelson as he gets into a salmon stream to experience the amazing annual life cycle event of wild Alaskan salmon.”

The rest of his shows are about life in Alaska and other spots in the arctic, and they range from bear safety to mosquitoes. Some of his episodes also deal with Nelson’s time spent in Australia.

One thought on “• ‘Encounters with Richard Nelson’ radio show features episodes on venison and salmon

  1. Came across your article in Alaska magizine. Found your web site and listened to the tale of the Wolferine and the Salmon pool. My wife and I and adult daughter toured Alasaka in a rented motorhome in early June of 2008. We traveled from the Kenai Pennisula up to Denali. Missed seeing much of what we were hoping for due to overcast skies and my wife contacting a virial infection . She was pleased with the medical facilities at Palmer and Seward. The people we met at gas stations ,campgrounds, restaurants ,and hospitals were helpful and friendly. Hoping to return someday ,till then I will continue to listen to your programs.

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