Sitka Local Foods Network hosts Thanksgiving artisan sourdough bread sale

Need some fresh bread to go with your Thanksgiving feast? The Sitka Local Foods Network is hosting an artisan sourdough bread fundraiser, with fresh loaves just in time for Thanksgiving.

We will bake up to 60 loaves total, with 40 of the loaves being a rustic sourdough and 20 loaves being the rustic sourdough with cranberries and walnuts added. Each loaf of bread costs $25, and they are hearty loaves weighing about two pounds each. The main ingredients of the bread include white, wheat, and rye flour, water, and salt. The cranberry-walnut loaves add cranberries and walnuts to the mix.

The loaves will be baked on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 23-24, by Laura Schmidt, who also serves as our lead gardener at St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm. In addition to being a gardener, she is a trained baker and in past years has made bread available for a donation at the Sitka Farmers Market.

Our plan is for people to order and pre-pay for each loaf using our online order site, (click title to order). We will need to have all orders processed before 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 19, so we can square away supplies. Note, to use your credit-debit card when ordering, click on the PayPal icon when you get to the screen that has Invoice and PayPal side by side.

Laura will bake half of the loaves (20 rustic, 10 cranberry-walnut) each day, and we will have them available for pick-up from 5-6:30 p.m. in front of the Hames Wellness Center. Please double-check the scheduled date of baking for your loaves. For those not able to pick up their bread, we will offer a delivery service for an extra $5 per loaf (so please supply your phone number and street address when you order).

If you have any questions, email us at or contact Charles Bingham at 907-623-7660.