• Alaskans Own™ community supported fisheries program announces season subscription packages for Sitka, Juneau and Anchorage

AO_LogoSitka-based Alaskans Own seafood recently announced its subscription prices for its 2013 Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) program in Sitka and Juneau, and this year the program will start delivery to Anchorage.

Alaskans Own was the first CSF program in the state, modeling its program after the successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs that let customers deal directly with harvesters so they can buy subscription shares to the year’s crop/catch.

IMG_2716 (Custom)This is the fourth year of the Alaskans Own CSF program, and this year there are four-month and six-month subscriptions. The six-month subscriptions  allow people to keep receiving freshly caught seafood through October instead of August, when the traditional four-month subscriptions end. Half-subscriptions also are available. Subscriptions include a mix of locally caught black cod (sablefish), halibut, king salmon, coho salmon, lingcod and miscellaneous rockfish, depending on the commercial fishing season. This year there also will be a bonus box of tanner crab from the partner Alaska Marine Conservation Council program in Kodiak.

The Alaskans Own expansion into Anchorage recently was featured on the Alaska Dispatch website. The Alaskans Own program is associated with the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust. The Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust’s mission is to strengthen Alaskan fishing communities and marine resources through scientific research, education, and economic opportunity.

Here is Alaskans Own CSF program information provided in a recent e-mail sent to the program’s past subscribers and other interested folk:

Subscription shares are offered again as both a full or half share, 4 month or 6 month option. Subscriptions include a mix of black cod, halibut, king and coho salmon, lingcod and rockfish. Our approximately 1-lb. portions are flash-frozen and vacuum packed—enjoy now or keep frozen for your winter home pack. Pick-ups will take place once per month at the Mill Building/Sitka Sound Science Center in Sitka, at Reliable Transfer near the Nugget Mall in Juneau, and a location TBA in Anchorage.
Find all the details about our 4-month and 6-month subscriptions below.
4-Month Summer Subscriptions (May, June, July, August)
 4-MONTH FULL SHARE: $535 total for 40 pounds of seafood:
Lingcod                  10 lbs.          (May)
Halibut                   4 lbs.          (May)
Black cod               2 lbs.           (June)
Misc. rockfish          8 lbs.          (June)
King salmon             6 lbs.          (July)
Coho salmon           10 lbs.         (August)
4-MONTH HALF SHARE: $290 for 20 pounds of seafood:
Lingcod                  5 lbs.          (May)
Halibut                   2 lbs.          (May)
Black cod               1 lbs.          (June)
Misc. rockfish          4 lbs.          (June)
King salmon             3 lbs.          (July)
Coho salmon            5 lbs.         (August)
6-Month Summer-Fall Subscriptions (May, June, July, August, September, October)
6-MONTH FULL SHARE: $795 for 60 pounds of seafood:
Lingcod                 15 lbs.          (8 lbs. May + 4 lbs. September)
Halibut                   6 lbs.          (4 lbs. May + 2 lbs. October)
Black cod               3 lbs.          (2 lbs. June + 1 lb. September)
Misc. rockfish         12 lbs.         (10 lbs. June + 5 lbs. September)
King salmon             9 lbs.          (6 lbs. July + 3 lbs. October)
Coho salmon          15 lbs.          (10 lbs. August + 5 lbs. October)
6-MONTH HALF SHARE: $415 for 30 pounds of seafood:
Lingcod                  8 lbs.          (4 lbs. May + 2 lbs. September)
Halibut                   3 lbs.          (2 lbs. May + 1 lbs. October)
Black cod                2 lbs.          (1 lb. June + 1 lb. September)
Misc. rockfish           6 lbs.         (5 lbs. June + 3 lbs. September)
King salmon             4 lbs.          (3 lbs. July + 1 lb. October)
Coho salmon            7 lbs.          (5 lbs. August + 2 lbs. October)
*The species mix outlined above is subject to change, as we are basing costs on estimated dock prices, which fluctuate throughout the season. For example, if in July king prices are higher than expected, we’ll provide a little less of that species and increase the pounds of coho you receive. Bottom line: we will ensure you get the best mix of seafood for the subscription price. Due to increased costs to shipping, labor, and other logistics, we have had to increase our subscriptions costs minimally this year.
How do you sign up for the 2013 season? Just reply to this email with your name, address, phone number and the subscription package you’d like. We’ll put you on the list and send a confirmation email along with instructions for payment. This year we will offer two different payment options: either send in a check to Alaskans Own or use PayPal on our new Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust website. Please do not pay for a share until you receive confirmation for your subscription.
Our first pick will be in late May, date to be announced. However, we expect our subscription slots to fill up soon–so, please don’t delay in getting your name on the list.
We appreciate your continued support of Alaskans Own.
For more information about subscribing, contact Alaskans Own at info@alaskansown.com. For information about the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust, call 907-747-3477 or send e-mail to info@thealaskatrust.org.