Scenes from the Sitka Kitch Cooking From Scratch class Simple Pasta Dishes


kitch_logo_mainStudents made meatballs; linguine with basil pesto, white clam sauce and cherry tomatoes; and spaghetti alla carbonara during the June 13 Cooking From Scratch series class Simple Pasta Dishes at the Sitka Kitch community rental commercial kitchen, located inside the First Presbyterian Church (505 Sawmill Creek Road). The students also received a recipe and tips on how to make a homemade macaroni and cheese dish (due to time constraints they didn’t actually make the dish), so they don’t have to rely on the chemical feast found in prepared mac and cheese mixes.

SampleBowlOfLinguineWithPestoAndClamSauceThis class was taught by Kathy Jones, the executive chef at the Westmark Hotel and Totem Square Inn, with assistance from her sous chef Barbara Palacios. It was focused on preparing simple pasta dishes to help people expand their culinary repertoire and extend their food budgets.

The Sitka Kitch was a project of the 2013 Sitka Health Summit, and the project is coordinated by the Sitka Conservation Society in partnership with the Sitka Local Foods Network. The Sitka Kitch can be rented to teach cooking and food preservation classes, by local cottage food industry entrepreneurs who need a commercial kitchen to make their products, and for large groups needing a large kitchen for a community dinner. To learn more about how to rent the Sitka Kitch, please go to the website at

PanOfCookedMeatballsWithMarinaraAlso, watch out for upcoming classes from Chef Kathy and Chef Barbara in late July (tentative topic is rabbit), August (tentative topic is quail) and September (tentative topic is mystery basket, bring in items from your garden, pantry or freezer and create a dish).

We’ll post more details on our website, our Facebook page, the Sitka Local Foods Network website and our EventSmart online registration website when they become available. When new classes are announced you can register on our EventSmart page, but you will pay at the class with cash or check (made out to Sitka Conservation Society). For more information about the Sitka Kitch, email

A slideshow of images from the class is posted below.

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