Sitka Adventist School hosts aquaponics show and tell event


The Sitka Adventist School presents “Aquaponics in a Suitcase in Three Phases,” at 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 1, at the Sitka Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 1613 Halibut Point Road.

Guests are invited to come with a smart device and light snack to share. Activities will be an interactive model teacher training session, curriculum peek, and, of course, playing with the hydroponic and aquaponic equipment.

The presentation will be with the total beginner in mind. Some light snacks will be served afterwards. For more information, please contact Kallie McCutcheon at 738-9391.

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• Sitka Adventist School students harvest bumper crop from their school garden


Students at Sitka Adventist School recently harvested a bumper crop of veggies they grew over the summer in their new school garden. Sitka Adventist School is a small private school for grades 1-8 located at 1613 Halibut Point Road (lower level).

“Our garden is relatively new. We built and planted it in spring of 2014,” Principal/Teacher Kallie McCutcheon said. “The students helped mix dirt, shovel dirt and sand, plant seeds and seedlings, water (on the rare occasion that it wasn’t supplied from the heavens), check plants, weed, and of course, pick our wonderful produce. We picked beets, carrots, potatoes and cabbage. I decided to plant the garden to teach the kids a skill and that they CAN grow plants!”

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