Help the Sitka Local Foods Network build a new high tunnel at St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm

Since 2008, the Sitka Local Foods Network has been growing fresh, local produce at St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm to sell at the Sitka Farmers Markets each summer.

In 2019, we decided to add a high tunnel, aka a hoop house, to St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm to see if that helped us increase production. It worked wonderfully, so in 2020 we want to add a second high tunnel to the property to make more produce available for the Sitka Farmers Markets. Now we need your help. This new high tunnel will cost us about $3,500, so we have a GoFundMe Charity fundraiser to try and help pay for it.

For those not familiar with high tunnels, they can extend the gardening season by warming up the soil and keeping some of the inclement weather off the plants, but they don’t have all the heating and electricity needs of a greenhouse. They also are easy to vent, so you can lower the temperature on the really hot days.

By adding a second high tunnel to St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm, we expect to increase our produce production, and the produce will be available for sale at the Sitka Farmers Markets and when Chelan Produce is in town. We also have a few restaurants and catering companies that buy produce from us. At the Sitka Farmers Markets, we match the first $20 of SNAP and WIC benefits, which means we’re able to get more local produce into the diets of lower-income Sitka residents.

The produce grown at St. Peter’s Fellowship Farm and sold at the Sitka Farmers Market has a Certified Naturally Grown designation, which is a national program encouraging sustainable agriculture.

The mission of the Sitka Local Foods Network is to increase the amount of locally harvested and produced foods in the diets of Southeast Alaskans, so this project fits in our mission. For more details, please go to, email, or call SLFN board president Charles Bingham at 623-7660.

• Sitka Local Foods Network to host booths at Sitka Seafood Festival and Chelan Produce on Saturday


Sitka residents wanting to buy some fresh local produce will have two opportunities this weekend, even though no Sitka Farmers Market is scheduled.

The Sitka Local Foods Network will have a booth selling produce and SLFN swag at the Sitka Seafood Festival Marketplace from noon to 6 p.m. (or until it runs out) on Saturday, Aug. 8, at Sheldon Jackson Campus. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve hosted a booth at the Sitka Seafood Festival, so we’re looking forward to being at this local-foods-oriented event.

We also will host our regular table on Saturday and Sunday at the Chelan Produce truck on Katlian Street across from AC Lakeside Grocery. For the last couple of years we’ve had a table with fresh local veggies at the Chelan Produce truck on weeks where we didn’t have a Sitka Farmers Market. We appreciate Chelan Produce giving us a chance to sell some local produce when it brings in its produce from Washington State.